Monitoring Parameters and Monitoring Locations


2.1              The EM&A Manual designates locations for environmental monitoring in terms of air quality, noise, groundwater quality, water quality, ecology, cultural heritage and landfill gas due to the Project. The Project area and monitoring locations are depicted in Figures 1 - 6. Appendix A gives details of monitoring requirements. Locations of the environmental sensitive receivers are shown in Figures 3.1, 3.2, 4.1, 5.1, 6.2 and 9.2.

Monitoring Methodology and Calibration Details


2.2              Monitoring works/equipments were conducted/calibrated regularly in accordance with the EM&A Manual. Copies of calibration certificates are attached in the appendices of the Monthly EM&A Reports.

Environmental Quality Performance Limits (Action and Limit Levels)


2.3              The environmental quality performance limits, i.e. Action and Limit Levels were derived from the baseline monitoring results.  Should the measured environmental quality parameters exceed the Action/Limit Levels, the respective action plans would be implemented.  The Action/Limit Levels for each environmental parameter are given in Appendix B.


2.4              Should the monitoring results of the environmental monitoring parameters at any designated monitoring stations indicate that the Action / Limit Levels are exceeded, the actions in accordance with the Event and Action Plans in Appendix N was carried out.

Implementation Status of Environmental Mitigation Measures


2.5              Relevant mitigation measures as recommended in the project EIA report have been stipulated in the EM&A Manual for implementation by the Contractor.  The implementation status of environmental mitigation measures (EMIS) is given in Appendix I.

Site Audit Summary


2.6              During site inspections in the reporting period, no non-conformance was identified. The observations and recommendations made during the reporting period are summarized in Appendix H.

Status of Waste Management


2.7              The amount of wastes generated by the activities of the Work Contracts within TKO-LTT during the reporting period is shown in Appendix J.