Effectiveness of Mitigation Measures


5.1              The mitigation measures recommended in the EIA report are considered effective in minimizing environmental impacts.


5.2              The Contractor has implemented the recommended mitigation measures except those mitigation measures not applicable at this stage.


5.3              Environmental monitoring works were performed in the reporting quarter and all monitoring results were checked and reviewed.


5.4              The summary record of non-compliance (exceedances) of Action/Limit Level for environmental monitoring in the reporting quarter has been presented in Table I above and in Appendix K.


5.5              Thirty-eight (38) cases of environmental complaints were received in the reporting quarter. The details were attached in the Appendix L.


5.6              No warning, notification of summon and environmental prosecution was received in the reporting quarter. The details were attached in the Appendix L.


5.7              Joint weekly site audits by the representatives of the Engineer, Contractor and the ET were conducted in the reporting quarter. The following recommendations was made to the Contractor for the coming reporting month:


Air Quality Impact


          To implement dust suppression measures such as water spray on all haul roads, stockpiles, dry surfaces, excavation and rock breaking works.

          To cover stockpile of dusty material by impervious material

          To properly display NRMM Label to Powered Mechanical Equipment on site

          To avoid smoke emission from Powered Mechanical Equipment on site

          To remove the dusty cement bags after use.

          To provide sand bag bunds to gullies at site access near the site office

          To provide top and three-side enclosure for grouting equipment on site

          To repair the gaps and the noise tarpaulin sheets to ensure the effectiveness of dust curtain.


Construction Noise


          Machines and plant (such as trucks) that may be in intermittent use should be shut down between works periods or should be throttled down to a minimum.

          To provide mitigation measures to PME as proposed in the approved NMP.

          To repair noise barrier of breaker on site.

          To provide proper acoustic material for enclosing the breaker head






Water Quality Impact


          To prevent any surface runoff discharge into any stream course or the waters in vicinity.

          To review and implement temporary drainage system.

          To ensure properly maintenance for de-silting facilities.

          To clear the silt and sediment in the sedimentation tanks or those accumulated in drainage.

          To provide bund to stockpile storage area on site to avoid leakage of surface runoff.

          To divert all the water generated from construction site to de-silting facilities with enough handling capacity before discharge.

          To provide and repair the silt curtain to fully enclose the site.

          To remove the dusty material to avoid mud/sand fall into the sea.

          To prevent silty water flow out of site during wheel washing

          To provide bunds or containment pit to prevent muddy water flow out of site.

          To remove the construction waste in U-channel.

          To set up proper drainage system within site.

          To cover or seal the gaps of covers of catchpit to prevent silt water or oil stain flow out of site.

          To remove the sand material deposited near the seafront.

          To provide sand bag bunds to gullies


Waste/Chemical Management


          To check for any accumulation of waste materials or rubbish on site.

          To avoid any discharge or accidental spillage of chemical waste or oil directly from the site.

          To avoid improper handling or storage of oil drum on site.

          To provide label to identify waste storage area within site.

          To remove oil stain mixed with muddy water within site.

          To provide drip tray to chemical containers

          To remove the construction material from drip tray and provide a plug for drip tray on site.


Landscape and Visual


          To remove the construction material near the tree and set up proper tree protection area



          To provide and display the Environmental Permit for the marine barge.

          To update the Environmental Permit displayed on crane barge.


Cultural Heritage

          To properly set up fenced-off buffer zone around Tin Hau Temple.