1.                  INTRODUCTION


1.1              In 2002, Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) commissioned an integrated planning and engineering study under Agreement No. CE 87/2001 (CE) “Further Development of Tseung Kwan O – Feasibility Study” (the “TKO Study”) to formulate a comprehensive plan for further development of TKO New Town.  It recommended to further develop TKO to house a total population of 450,000 besides the district’s continuous commercial and industrial developments.


1.2              At present, the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel is the main connection between Tseung Kwan O (TKO) and other areas in the territory.  To cope with the anticipated transport need, the TKO Study recommended the provision of Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel (TKO-LTT) (hereinafter referred to as “the Project”) and Cross Bay Link (CBL) to meet the long-term traffic demand between TKO and the external areas. The site layout plan for the Project is shown in Figure 1.


1.3              The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report for the TKO-LTT project was approved under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO) in July 2013. The corresponding Environmental Permit (EP) was issued in November 2013 (EP no.: EP-458/2013). Variations to the EP was applied and the latest EP (EP no.: EP-458/2013/C) was issued by the Director of Environmental Protection (DEP) in January 2017.

Project Organizations

1.4              Different parties with different levels of involvement in the project organization include:

·          Project Proponent – Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD)

·          The Engineer and the Engineer’s Representative (ER) – AECOM

·          Environmental Team (ET) – Cinotech Consultants Limited (Cinotech)

·          Independent Environmental Checker (IEC) – AnewR Consulting Limited (AnewR)


1.5              The key contacts of the Project are shown in Table 1.1.


Table 1.1        Key Project Contacts




Contact Person

Phone No.

Fax No.


Project Proponent

Mr. LO Sai Pak, Sunny

2301 1384

2739 0076


Engineer’s  Representative

Mr. KY Chan

3922 9000

2759 1698


Environmental Team

Dr. HF Chan

2151 2088

3107 1388

Mr. KS Lee

2151 2091


Independent Environmental Checker

Mr. Adi Lee

2618 2836

3007 8648










Construction Activities undertaken during the Report Quarter

1.6              The major site activities undertaken in the reporting quarter are shown in Appendix M.