Table of contents



Introduction. 1

Summary of Main Works Undertaken and Key Measures Implemented. 1

Summary of Exceedances, Investigation and Follow-up. 2

Complaint Handling, Prosecution and Public Engagement 2

Reporting Changes. 2

Future Key Issues. 3


Background. 4

Purpose of the Report 4

Project Organizations. 4

Construction Activities undertaken during the Reporting Month. 5

Summary of EM&A Requirements. 6

Statues of Environmental Licensing and Permitting. 6

2      AIR Quality.. 7

Monitoring Requirements. 7

Monitoring Locations. 7

Monitoring Parameters and Frequency. 7

Monitoring Equipment 7

Monitoring Methodology. 8

Results and Observations. 10

3      noise.. 11

Monitoring Requirements. 11

Monitoring Locations. 11

Monitoring Parameters, Frequency and Duration. 11

Monitoring Equipment 11

Monitoring Methodology and QA/QC Procedure. 12

Maintenance and Calibration. 13

Results and Observations. 13

4      Ecology.. 14

Monitoring Requirements. 14

Monitoring Locations. 14

Monitoring Parameters, Frequency and Duration. 15

Monitoring Methodology. 15

Analytical Methodology. 15

Results and Observations. 16

5      Water Quality.. 17

Monitoring Requirement 17

6      waste management.. 17

Monitoring Requirement 17

Waste Management Status. 17

7      landscape and visual.. 17

Audit Requirements. 17

8      environmental audit.. 18

Site Audits. 18

Implementation Status of Environmental Mitigation Measures. 18

Implementation Status of Event and Action Plans. 18

9      Environmental non-conformance.. 19

Summary of Complaint, Warning, Notification of any Summons and Successful Prosecution. 19

Summary of Exceedance. 19

10    future Key issues. 19

Monitoring Schedule. 20

11    Conclusions and recommendations. 21

Recommendations. 21






Table I             Summary Table for Major Site Activities in the Reporting Month

Table II           Summary of Complaint/Summons/Prosecution in the Reporting Month

Table III          Summary Table for Site Activities in the Next Reporting Period

Table 1.1         Key Project Contacts

Table 1.2         Summary Table for Major Site Activities in the Reporting Month

Table 1.3         Summary of Environmental License and Permit

Table 2.1          Air Quality Monitoring Locations

Table 2.2         Frequency and Parameters of Air Quality Monitoring

Table 2.3          Air Quality Monitoring Equipment

Table 3.1          Noise Monitoring Stations

Table 3.2          Frequency and Parameters of Noise Monitoring

Table 3.3         Noise Monitoring Equipment

Table 4.1          Monitoring of Measures to Minimise Disturbance to Waterbirds on Ng Tung, Sheung Yue and Shek Sheung Rivers during Pre-Construction Phase

Table 4.2          Ecological Monitoring Stations

Table 4.3          Representative Waterbirds

Table 10.1        Summary Table for Site Activities in the Next Reporting Period





Figure 1.1        Layout Plan of the Project Site

Figure 1.2        Project Organisation for Environmental Monitoring and Audit

Figure 2           Locations of Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Figure 3           Locations of Construction Noise Monitoring Stations

Figure 4           Survey Location for Impact Ecological Monitoring






Appendix A    Action and Limit Levels

Appendix B    Waste Flow Table

Appendix C    Environmental Mitigation Implementation Schedule (EMIS)

Appendix D    Event and Action Plans

Appendix E    Summaries of Environmental Complaint, Warning, Summon and Notification of Successful Prosecution

Appendix F     Tentative Construction Programme

Appendix G    Environmental Monitoring Schedules